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Milwaukee, WI
United States of America

Marquette University's Premiere All-Female A Capella group. Est. 2012


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Through innovative musical arrangements and choreography, The Meladies, Marquette University’s premier all-female a cappella group, have been captivating audiences since their foundation in 2012. Together, they form a sisterhood of passionate women who strive to engage a wide variety of people with high-energy performances. From their early days performing in stairwells and lecture halls on Marquette's campus, the group has grown to become one of Milwaukee's principal vocal ensembles and has performed to audiences across the Midwest. In only a few short years, the women of The Meladies have taken great strides and do not intend to slow down.

Our Founding Story

The Meladies were established in 2012 by 12 girls who simply wanted to sing. After encouragement from members of other groups on campus, a few emails were sent and The Meladies formed the first and only all-female a cappella group at Marquette University. What started out as meetings and practices in dining halls and basements became an official student organization on December 8, 2012. The Meladies complete the Marquette University a cappella community, which already included an all-male and co-ed group before their arrival.  With humble beginnings, The Meladies (who affectionately refer to themselves as Mels) began performing on campus and at charity events and held their first concert in a Marquette Hall lecture room. Now the group has had the amazing opportunities to compete in the ICCA, record their own music, and fill up the Varsity Theatre at Marquette.

Est. 2012